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Cytopoetics is a presentations and inspirations company directed by Greg Frankson, OCT, B.Ed., also known as spoken word artist Ritallin.

the advent of the vision
the scope of the vision

the advent of the vision ...

Artisits OttawaIn January 1999 Greg Frankson attended the State of the World Forum for Emerging Leaders in Monterrey, Mexico. He was privileged enough to learn about the need for strong youth leadership from world leaders such as Jody Williams, Vincente Fox and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He was so moved by this experience and the youth he met from all over the world that he decided to dedicate his life to community improvement.

Upon his return to Canada he completed his studies and began planning leadership initiatives designed to improve the lives of Canadian youth. After relocating to Ottawa, Greg became a performance poet and quickly became a committed member of the spoken word community. He is an accredited anti-discrimination facilitator and has participated in or led numerous community initiatives.

Whether it’s Greg Frankson or Ritallin working with you, his mission remains clear: presenting the vision that inspires others to positively change the world.


the scope of the vision ...

Cytopoetics provides excellent presentation services in multiculturalism and "diversity" workshop facilitation, motivational speeches, artistic performances, poetic rapportage, and educational workshops. Cytopoetics offers teachers and community organizations a dynamic presenter who is able to motivate, inspire and teach about the experience of people from racial and ethnic minorities.  Cytopoetics can also work with students and professionals on the key issues of civic engagement, mental health, the place of the arts in society and team leadership. 

Through powerful presentations using poetry, humour, personal stories, current trends and past experiences, Cytopoetics moves people to take responsibility and action to improve all aspects of their lives. 



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Artisits Ottawa

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